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Radxa Rock and Banana pi BPI-M2 quad core single-board computers

Two new Additions to my Arm processor Linux development project …… During the last two week I have managed to add two more ARM based Development boards to my Linux OS development Project , the first being the Banana Pi … Continue reading

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Coding with text file editors

VIM/Emacs and other text file editor, details and cheat sheets Once you get to know the Linux operating system, something that becomes very clear is the need to be able to edit system configuration files along with shell command scripts … Continue reading

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Andriod 4.4 on a HP 550 Laptop, Second Life Projects….

Android Development and Second life projects As part of my up upskilling projects, something I have been wanting to complete for a while is to port Andriod 4.4 KitKat to ether a Desktop or Laptop PC. To do so opens … Continue reading

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Looking at the Linux terminal commands and the Man pages.

Using the Linux command line and the Man pages In one of my previous post I referring to the differences between Linux and MS-Windows, I talked about the fact that Windows has removed itself largely from the command line interface … Continue reading

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A list of Linux – Operating system Exams and Study Guides.

Having completed the installation of Linux on both the Raspberry Pi and the Cubietruck development boards, I am doing some planning for a study path from this point forward. I have worked with and studied Linux for many years but … Continue reading

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So why Linux and not Windows for this project ?

So why use Linux and not Windows ? Is one question that maybe asked during the initial stages of this project, Well I thought in today’s post I would do my best to answer why not Windows? The real question … Continue reading

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Operating systems, selection and install.

Selecting and installing an operation system. So far during this week, I have firstly been selecting and then installing two operating systems with all their needed services including ( applications, Network services and a development environments ). My last post … Continue reading

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Developing a project – working Model

Before I go any deeper into this project I wanted to share the above working model. I often use an application called “freemind” which is a mind mapping program used to get your ideas about almost anything you may be … Continue reading

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Cubie-truck Construction

Cubietruck Construction During this week my main aims in building some computer related projects and developing any related skills are to finish the construction of two developments board systems (The Cubie-truck and Raspberry pi ), including the selection and install … Continue reading

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Welcome to this blog !!!! Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to develop this space into a location full of helpful resources for anyone owning or thinking of owning one of the following types of pc development … Continue reading

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