Linux Software Repositories

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Ubuntu Software Centre

Linux Software Repositories

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Synaptic Package manager

One of the key strengths of Linux as an Operating system is the large amount of software that is freely available for installation, much like the Android Apps Store but with a greater history. The main difference between the Android Play store and many of the available Linux repositories is that the software within Linux is aimed at the full range of  installations from desktop to server ! .

I intend to add to this blog reviews and guides, that relate to many of the possible methods of locating and installing some great Linux software. Unlike in the long ago past, Linux now has some of the best software available, in order to build a powerful and fully functioning desktop/server installation.

Libreoffice writer 1

Linux Software has come a long way in recent years with packages such as libreoffice 5, which can stand head and shoulders with Microsoft Office for any scale of office based requirements.

Linux office software has a long history in the open systems world with applications such as ( star office and open office ) being used for many years by some of the worlds biggest commercial institutions.

Libreoffice 5Ref : 50 key places Linux is running

Number of Linux Users

2014 – 73 million, 2015 – 82 million registered Linux users, however you don’t have to register Linux to Download/install and use it! , it is also a conscious act to do so rather than just getting MS-Windows with your new PC … 

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Versions of Linux such as Ubuntu and Fedora hold software repositories that have many thousands of packages within them, so Linux software is about much more than office and internet applications.

See : What are Repositories

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