Andriod 4.4 on a HP 550 Laptop, Second Life Projects….

Andriod on a Laptop

Android Development and Second life projects

As part of my up upskilling projects, something I have been wanting to complete for a while is to port Andriod 4.4 KitKat to ether a Desktop or Laptop PC.

To do so opens up all kinds of possibilities, for starters any version of Android that is user installed can be rooted or is rooted by default, giving full access to all system services and files. You get full access to larger disk storage/DVD drives, Mounted USB devices and wired network ports, physical keyboards/Mouse and HDMI screens ( creating a media center if attached to your TV )- all increasing your flexibility when using Android to code applications or make much better use of all the applications in the Google Play store and from other direct sources.

This is also a great method of Second life-ing an old computer, here I have made use on a HP 550 Laptop with a Dual core 2.4Ghz processor, 4Gbytes of Ram and a 500gb hard disk. When considering that Android is a very efficient Version of the Linux Operating system these specifications out perform most of the current hardware that it is designed to run on.

Yet MS windows 8+ is to slow to use these older machines ?????

This is well worth doing if you have a spare somewhat aging computer and it will allow you to get going developing applications in Python or C++ and Java without all the limits of trying to do so on a Table PC.

Finally There are many Android apps that I am looking forward to making full ( With a full keyboard and screen ) uses of including Creative Photography applications, Remote control using SSH/FTP connectivity services, along with remote process control. Connecting to development boards such as the Raspberry pi and Cubieboard ARM CPU systems. The other benefit is that I can sync and backup all my data and code stored on my Nexus 7 Tablet.

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