Raspberry Pi light sensor controlled LED lamp Project

Raspberry PI LED lamp and Light sensor project

Raspberry PI
LED lamp and Light sensor project

Project Plans and notes

I am currently working on a background PI project to replace the on/off switch on a desktop LED lamp that I needed to repair.

The Lamp is made by electronics company called “AM Tech” and cost as little as €9, it can be powered by AA batteries or a 5v adaptor.

I have by-passed the power switch by connecting the LED panel in the head of the lamp to my Raspberry Pi via a project breadboard. I have then started to control this lamp using some python code with the lamps positive connection attached to GPIO pin 17 on the Raspberry Pi header with the negative side of the circuit to a GRD pin.

The next stage of this project is to control the turning on and off of the lamp via a light sensor so that it can be used to light my desk only when the room light falls below the level I need to read.

I also have some other fun projects planed such a using the lamp to indicator such things as a “You have new mail” and “Active process”. It can also be used as a project debugging tool to show that the correct GPIO pins are active or not.

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