About Myself and this Blog.

Welcome to this Blog !!!

I started this Blog in January of 2015 in order to share some computer hardware and software development skills and share any gained knowledge during my study path.

I first started many years of studying and close work with computer technology back in the 1980’s firstly studying with Acorn and Sinclair computers then working on IBM mid-range computer systems such as the IBM system 38, IBM AS400 – all the way through to the IBM I-series servers. later working with Dell server systems, Sun Blade and Sparc systems using operating systems such as Unix/Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows desktop/server implementations.

I worked with Companies such as ( KPMG, CHASE, Italian Bank, Emi, and Coca-cola ), mainly based in the South east of England but supporting networks through-out the UK.

Most of this blog is dedicated to the current computer market such as the growth of ARM processor – development Boards, much like the (Radxa, Odroid , Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard), with  I.T. project related systems etc. I have worked with such server to client-device systems in the areas of warehouse systems and production line systems, for much of my time working in the computer industry.

I will also cover The MS-Windows and Linux Operating systems including area such as ( main structure, Configuration, Services, Shell programming, Security and backups etc… ) I will be including Desktop and server related distributions.

For much of my time as an employee I worked with both systems and application programming so I will also include these areas in this blog, from Shell scripting (MS-Powershell , many available Unix/Linux Shells)  to languages such C++, Python, JAVA, Forth and all basic programming skills that flow into all these coding languages and areas.

The aim of the blog is to bring together some long standing skills, using today’s current technology. I want to share these skills and chat some about the history of computer Hardware and Software along with its future developments.

You will see I have selected some very affordable and easy to work with computer hardware, both current and up-to date. As time goes by I will add any new details about new hardware models and upgraded versions along Operating systems available , including reviews of  many of these systems.

This blog is also my personal note pad, relating to projects and personal training in skill sets that I intend to keep current, including exams taken and courses.

This Blog will keep very much to the nature of a Blog, in that its an on going work in progress, It is for me to keep my own subject notes as much as for any reader and as such not everything here may interest everyone to say the least but I hope it helps anyone who does read some of it..


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