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Development Projects – Log : 15/08/2019

SQL based database management system Over the last two week or so I have been working on the following areas: Training in the areas of (postgresql, Python with (tkinter and psycopy2) – python modules ) using UDEMY, I have become … Continue reading

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Do you trust this computer ? – A Documentary – AI ?

Today I just wanted to share the below video “Do you trust this computer ?”, Its a 2018 American documentary film that outlines the benefits and especialuslessly the dangers of artificial intelligence. It features interviews with a range of prominent … Continue reading

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Update and notes .. Developing an SQL database server/client system.

Its already been a couple of weeks since my last post, I had hoped to post more often in the last couple of days but putting the fine details for my SQL database project in place has taken a lot … Continue reading

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Linux Shell- command history

NB : Please note that this post follows on from Linux Shell command tricks The second of the tools available for the command line interface to a Linux shell is command History, Just like Command and file completion this set … Continue reading

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Linux Shell command tricks – Command completion

The power of the command line in Linux Distributions is still very much at the forefront, many admin task can simply be performed much more efficiently this way. This faster command entry speed, for admin tasks is true even by … Continue reading

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