PiFace Control and Display

PiFace Control and display LCD Display with multifunction input buttons

PiFace Control and display
LCD Display with multifunction input buttons

PiFace Control and Display

The Piface control and Display was the Final hardware item I needed to get going on implementing the Raspberry Pi ( Python and C++ ) Projects that I have in mind.

Just like the PiFace Digital 2 board, this devices is of the Highest quality and will open up lots of areas I can uses to start to gain some application coding skills.

The Specifications for the PiFace ( CAD ) board are as follows :

– 16 character by 2 line alphanumeric display
– User definable custom characters
– LED display back-light
– IR receiver for infrared remote control
– 3-position navigation switch
– 5 tactile switches
– Quick and easy menu building Python libraries provided
– C++ Libraries

An LCD display using this configuration ( 16 chars X 2 lines ) has been used many times through the history of computerized control systems, used for ( Heating controls, Security systems, Sensor equipment, Alarm clocks, Pagers and Phones etc….) . The reason they are utilized so much is that they use such little power, yet can display just enough information for a user to enter data or configure a device.

One device that stands out in my memory is this 1980’s hand-held personal organizer from Psion UK, but screens like this have been used right up until today.


One project that would be very helpful and in order to make good use of both Python and C++ coding skills would be to re-engineer all the facilities that this old organizer offered, I have down loaded the user manual and am currently starting to produce a chart using “freemind” a Mind Mapping application of all the applications it offered its users.

Another Project I have very much in mind, will involve configuring my two Raspberry Pi ‘s into a networked cluster, with one configured with the PiFace Digital 2 I/O control board and the other with the PiFace Control and display. This will allow me to develop a system that will make use of the LCD display along with its input buttons to control the devices attached to the PiFace Digital Board on the second Pi, such as (Motors, Lights and Switched devices). Again this will allow me to make use of some great and very usable coding and operating systems skills.

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