LPIC-1 Linux Pro institute Cert – Study Path

This pages contains all post links to my Study notes for LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute Certification Exams 101-400 and 102-400.

I am using the LIPC-1 – Study Guide Forth Edition for this Study Path

Part I
Exam 101-400


Exploring Linux Command-Line Tools

LPIC-1 – Exploring Your Linux command shells and options

LPIC-1 – Using Linux Shells, Command entry and Terminal emulators.

LPIC-1 – Looking at a shells, internal and External commands

LPIC-1 – Linux Command shell tricks – Command completion

LPIC-1 – Linux Command shell tricks – Command history

Chapter 2

Managing Software

Chapter 3

Configuring Hardware

LPIC-1 – Device IRQ’s (interrupt requests) a Definition.

LPIC-1 ) – I/O Ports and I/O addresses

Chapter 4

Managing Files

Chapter 5

Booting Linux and Editing Files

Part II

Exam 102-400

Chapter 6

Configuring the X Window System, Localization, and Printing

Chapter 7

Administering the System

Chapter 8

Configuring Basic Networking

Chapter 9

Writing Scripts, Configuring Email, and Using Databases

Chapter 10

Securing Your System