Piface in a case.

Element 14 , Piface installed with a matching case

Element 14 , Piface installed with a matching case

Piface in a case

During the week I received the very exciting “Piface Digital 2” I/O interface board from New-IT in the UK.

It was clear while setting up the card with the Raspberry Pi b+ that the two together could not be used while contained within the original case that I order to match the Pi B+. At first I considered just using the two boards free style but as with the main system board by itself I just did not feel happy doing so.


I found the above case available on E-Bay and as you can see it fits perfectly with the Pi B+ and Piface together, offering access to all the terminal input and output connectors along with the relay terminals.

I know I now at least feel safer using the system again and its great to use this way.

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