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Learning application programming ( Action related V Object related)

Sample Object Orientated code Why is learning to code these days so hard ? If your just starting out trying to learn how to write application code it will not take you long before you hit one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Coding with text file editors

VIM/Emacs and other text file editor, details and cheat sheets Once you get to know the Linux operating system, something that becomes very clear is the need to be able to edit system configuration files along with shell command scripts … Continue reading

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Learning Coding skills the fast way

learning programming language’s the best way Learning to program a computer these days is about as simple and yet complicated as it has ever been, when I firsts started coding commercial applications it was on IBM Mid-range and Main-frame computers … Continue reading

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PiFace Control and Display

PiFace Control and Display The Piface control and Display was the Final hardware item I needed to get going on implementing the Raspberry Pi ( Python and C++ ) Projects that I have in mind. Just like the PiFace Digital … Continue reading

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Andriod 4.4 on a HP 550 Laptop, Second Life Projects….

Android Development and Second life projects As part of my up upskilling projects, something I have been wanting to complete for a while is to port Andriod 4.4 KitKat to ether a Desktop or Laptop PC. To do so opens … Continue reading

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