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Linux OS and GPIO managment

Please note that this post follows on from : GPIO Part 1 :ARM Development boards and their low-level coding Data-sheets This post is part 2 of A Look at how development boards such as the Raspberry PI allow a developer … Continue reading

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ARM Development boards and their low-level coding Data-sheets

Low level Arm Processor Development Starting to get to grips with coding on any computer system is not a simple task. At the very start you need to select an appropriate coding language and then choose the best possible learning … Continue reading

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Numeric base systems of (Binary, Octal, Hex-decimal and Decimal)

Computer related numeric systems and their written representation In My last post I talked a little about the way computers see both their pre-defined commands in the form of machine code instructions that are grouped into applications by a programmer. … Continue reading


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ARM (SOC – system on a chip) CPU’s , Programming from the ground up …….

Having spent the last three weeks deep in programming language study, reclaiming some C++ and Assembly language skills, I am more than overdue a post here 🙂 These three weeks however have prepared me very well to start sharing some … Continue reading

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Coding with text file editors

VIM/Emacs and other text file editor, details and cheat sheets Once you get to know the Linux operating system, something that becomes very clear is the need to be able to edit system configuration files along with shell command scripts … Continue reading

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A look at Linux and programming languages

So far on this blog my posts have related to the hardware I am using in order to help refresh and regain some software development skills and then take these skills forward into learning some new areas. In order to … Continue reading

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