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Raspberry Pi 7inch HDMI LCD screen and case, Setup and installation

This week I received and installed one of the final elements for my Raspberry pi 3 project , a 7 inch LCD touch screen from Waveshare.com , this is a great addition to my Raspberry pi hardware. it can also … Continue reading

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Radxa Rock and Banana pi BPI-M2 quad core single-board computers

Two new Additions to my Arm processor Linux development project …… During the last two week I have managed to add two more ARM based Development boards to my Linux OS development Project , the first being the Banana Pi … Continue reading

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Andriod 4.4 on a HP 550 Laptop, Second Life Projects….

Android Development and Second life projects As part of my up upskilling projects, something I have been wanting to complete for a while is to port Andriod 4.4 KitKat to ether a Desktop or Laptop PC. To do so opens … Continue reading

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A look at Linux and programming languages

So far on this blog my posts have related to the hardware I am using in order to help refresh and regain some software development skills and then take these skills forward into learning some new areas. In order to … Continue reading

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Hot from the Oven, The Raspberry Pi B 2

Hot from the Oven, The Raspberry Pi B 2 – with a Tasty CPU Almost as if taking everyone by surprise, the Raspberry foundation on Monday launched a new Raspberry Pi development board, The Pi B 2 ! The new … Continue reading

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Developing a project – working Model

Before I go any deeper into this project I wanted to share the above working model. I often use an application called “freemind” which is a mind mapping program used to get your ideas about almost anything you may be … Continue reading

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Completed the Raspberry pi b+ Build

Raspberry Pi Model b+ Yesterday I completed the construction of the Raspberry Pi model b+ system board, as the second (Hardware) part of the project I am putting together it is actually the main system board I am interested with … Continue reading

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Welcome to this blog !!!! Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to develop this space into a location full of helpful resources for anyone owning or thinking of owning one of the following types of pc development … Continue reading

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