Raspberry Pi Cubietruck

Welcome to this blog !!!!

Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to develop this space into a location full of helpful resources for anyone owning or thinking of owning one of the following types of pc development boards included in the Raspberry pi and the Cubie-board range.

It is also my aim to share as much knowledge as possible on different flavours of the Linux operating system, its development environment and coding languages.

This is foremost a blog and as such it will develop into a space that contains resources, develop being the key word. I will start posting at the very beginning, starting by setting up these two board types so that they are ready for use and then continue to the point of project development and completion.

If you are interested I hope you enjoy this journey, my aim here is to learn along the way and I hope by sharing the stages involved that others can make some use of the information here!

relax and enjoy !!!!!!

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