A list of Linux – Operating system Exams and Study Guides.

Linux Study Guides

Linux Study Guides

Having completed the installation of Linux on both the Raspberry Pi and the Cubietruck development boards, I am doing some planning for a study path from this point forward. I have worked with and studied Linux for many years but this year I would like to obtains some up-to date certification so I am taking a look at the paths for doing so.

So today I just want to share some Study Guides and links for two Linux Exams that I hope to take during 2015.

The following two exams can be taken under self-study with the exam itself being held at an authorized test centre, I will post a list them here at a later date .

The First exam is Lpi – 101

The objective are as follows :

Exam 101: Detailed Objectives

This is a required exam for LPIC-1 or LPI certification Level 1. It covers basic skills for the Linux professional that are common to major distributions of Linux.

Each objective is assigned a weighting value. The weights range roughly from 1 to 10 and indicate the relative importance of each objective. Objectives with higher weights will be covered in the exam with more questions.

System Architecture
Linux Installation and Package Management
GNU and Unix Commands
Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Link to book download LPI-101

The Second level exam is as follows :

Linux Network Professional Certification

The LPIC-2 will validate your ability to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks. You must have an active LPIC-1 certification to receive LPIC-2 certification, but the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams may be taken in any order.

Status: First published November 29, 2001; last republish and latest revision November 2013.
Prerequisites: You must have an active LPIC-1 certification to receive LPIC-2 certification, but the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams may be taken in any order.
Requirements: Passing exams 201 and 202
Live Now: Exam Objectives 201/202 – Refreshed November 2013 (See Below)
Important Note: This is also a summary and detailed information on the changes from version 3.5.x to 4.0.0 of the objectives.The version 3.x of the LPIC-2 Objectives are still online.

Link to the online book LPI-102

During some of the post here on this Blog, I will follow this study path starting at installation – all the way through to advanced subject such as Linux user Management, Security and Shell scripting and may others.

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