Study and development plans 2019 ……

Computer blog – study and project development areas, June 2019

This post is a very personal one and in many ways just a note to myself !

It details all areas involved in my study and development projects from the Start of June 2019 going forward. The intention is to once again use my WordPress blog to map all study areas and detailed development projects.

Since I last posted here I have a good overall idea of the areas I both intend to continue studying and the IT projects I am working on.

These area include :

• Sourcing and detailing a study and development path for the rest of 2019
• Locating all required course material
• Locating, sourcing and installing all systems needed to help in the above areas
• The building of a study and development environment, including all needed hardware and software systems
• Define a study and development frame work
• Defining realistic time scales for all study and development projects
• Creating a method of reference for all course notes, so that a fast and useful means of study revision is possible (This blog and other methods).
• Creating and documenting all study projects, this includes sourcing data and any code examples needed to add useful additional examples and future projects, for use during related learning processes.

All the above bullet points will act as both an initial step and then an on-going frame works for both study and systems development, I feel it is important to create a working environment so that all future and ongoing areas can be fully recorded and thus easily retrieved when called upon.

Also since my last post here I have taken many more training courses and from them I feel found some new grounding, mainly in the areas of SQL data-base coding/managment and data analysis.

You can see from the above bubble chart, the initial stages of my plans for the remaining part of this year.

The main aim is to setup all needed systems to study the following areas :

• Statistics for Business analysis
• Database management systems
• Coding methods for Statistics, database managements and machine learning
• Application development using Python/R programming languages
• The creation of applications with user friendly GUI systems
• Existing Database/Statistical analysis based office applications (MS and Libre-office)
• Configuration of server/client based network systems, their installation and security

In many ways I am already a good distance down the path on all of these areas, my aim here in returning to my blog however is to begin the process of documenting all the areas that I have covered so far along with the new areas I continue to learn.

So here on WordPress I will create my documentation system. As I detailed above, I want to create a note taking and logging system that is super easy and fast to use in-order to retrieve details covering many areas.

All posts here will however also be created and stored off-line, having the same notes on and off line will however allow myself to access them in any place and time.

Many of these areas sound heavy and not much fun, however there are many areas here that will be, like installing and setup of multiple (single board computers) such as the new raspberry pi 4b announced only yesterday and when its available , most likely July, I will order one of them and use it a lot during 2019, hopefully showing just how it can be used for more than just games.

The Raspberry pi systems are perfect for things like VNP/WEB/SQL servers so I will be using one for just such areas.

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